Aunova Medchem will provide expert services in a time and cost-efficient manner in the following areas:

1. Efficient and expert medicinal chemistry support under aggressive timelines at affordable prices in the United States.
2. Commercialization of crucial and useful Knochel’s functionalized organozinc reagents for industrial and academic use.
3. Provide custom synthesis of functionalized organozinc reagents to the pharmaceutical industry.
4. Provide cost-effective services for the synthesis of challenging, yet useful intermediates and/or final compounds by utilizing organozinc chemistry in the crucial step(s).
5. Prepare deuterium and 13C-labelled drugs for analytical studies.
6. Fragment-based drug discovery; conversion of fragment hits into a lead candidate. Custom synthesis of fragment-based libraries and novel de novo scaffolds.
7. Custom synthesis of linker attached fluorescent labelled (FITC) drug candidates for the identification of novel therapeutic targets.
8. Furnish cost-effective process research development and prepare up to 10 kg scale of the target drug.